Cash Mining

Safex Cash relies on proof-of-work mining to achieve distributed consensus.
It is currently utilising the RandomSFX mining algorithm, which is deliberately suited for CPU mining on everyday computer hardware.
For experienced miners, a list of technical specifications can be found below.
Safex developers do not endorse any particular mining pool, software, or hardware
and the below information is provided for educational purposes only.

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CPU Miner




Mining Pools

Mining pools are important in the maintaining of the Safex blockchain network. Individual miners can pool their mining efforts with others to increase the likelihood of finding a block.
The reward is then equally distributed between the miners based on the percentage of effort they put in towards the discovery of a block.
Safex Developers does not endorse any specific mining pool.
Below is a link to an independent website which lists all known Safex Cash mining pools.

Technical Specs

  • Proof-of-Work: RandomSFX
  • Difficulty Retarget: Every block (LWMA Algorithm)
  • Block Time Target: 120 Seconds
  • Current Block Reward: 130 SFX
  • Block Size: Dynamic
  • Emission Curve: S-Curve, fair distribution based on technology adoption rate curve

Advanced Miners

Safex Cash is mineable through your CPU. All Safex Cash mining pools are compatible with Safex-Rig, a modified version of XMRig with the RandomSFX algorithm implemented.
If you need specific configuration details you can use the below as reference. Full configuration specifications can be found on your chosen mining pool.

“pool_list”: [{
“pool_address”: “”,
“wallet_address”: “YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS”,
“rig_id”: “YOUR_WORKER_NAME”,
“pool_password”: “x”,
“use_nicehash”: false,
“use_tls”: false, /* Set to true if you are using an SSL port */
“tls_fingerprint”: “”,
“pool_weight”: 1
“algorithm”: “rx/sfx”,

For technical support and advice mining Safex Cash,
we recomend you join our community forum.