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Join more than 10,000 owners of Safex Cash and Token who already recognized the potential of the project.

With more and more people buying goods and services online, there are some alarming problems that need fixing. Privacy issues, credit card frauds and unfairness to small sellers are just some of the problems that afflict every day users. Safex offers a solution with a marketplace on a blockchain and embedded privacy coin for free and secure online payments. It combines the functionalities of Amazon, Upwork and Shopify into one essential platform while eliminating the difficulties people have to deal with every day.

Safex is creating a new future for online shopping, by pushing the evolution of e-commerce towards crypto-commerce. With this push, we are putting small sellers from around the world on the global scene, and opening crypto-commerce for entirely new audiences. Our goal is in making the benefits of global trade accesible to everyone.

Choose to invest in the future of commerce with us as well. Join Safex!

Safex Cash (SFX)

Safex Cash is a mineable proof-of-work coin that is used as a medium of exchange on the marketplace.

It is the first cryptocurrency with an emission curve that follows the rate of adoption of new technologies. Over time more people become involved – and so does more Safex Cash rewarded through mining, making its distribution fair. Safex Cash uses stealth address and ring signatures technology which makes it a privacy coin.

Buy Safex Cash so you can:

-Buy goods and services on the Safex marketplace

-Keep you purchases completely secure

Safex Token (SFT)

Safex Token is a utility token that has a wide range of usages on the blockchain. It was originally released in 2015 to provide an incentive to the community to finance and support the creation of the Safex Marketplace. Now it is to be used for opening accounts on the blockchain. Beside that, every Safex Token holder who locks his coins will participate in the revenue sharing of the decentralized platform. Depending on the amount of Safex Token one locks, determines the proportional reward.

Buy Safex Token so you can:

- Claim your rev share 

- Open accounts on the Marketplace and sell your products

- Establish curated webstores and charge sellers for listing their products

You can buy Safex Cash and Safex Tokens on these exchanges