How to

Migrate Safex

To the new blockchain

Deadline November 30, 2019

Safex is now on its own sovereign Blockchain.

If you’re still holding Safe Exchange Coins, you will need to migrate them to the new blockchain to take advantage of all the features given to you by the Safex Marketplace.

You have until November 30th, 2019 to complete the migration.

This helpful guide will give you everything you need to perform the transparent Safex Blockchain migration.

Here’s how to perform the Safex Blockchain migration:

1. Download the Migration wallet (Sails v7) .

2. Move your Safe Exchange Coins to the migration wallet where you’ll find “Migration procedure”. This is a helpful video from Daniel Dabek how to perform the migration.

3. Don’t forget to send a small amount of Bitcoin as well, you will need it for the bitcoin network fees, since we are migrating from the Bitcoin Omni Blockchain.

4. Migration script* is being run approximately every two weeks, which means that your migration process will approx. be finished in up to 14 days .

5. After that period, or more precisely, after the script has been run, you will see Migrated balance in your wallet, which means that your Safe Exchange Coins (SAFEX) have been migrated 1:1 and are now called Safex Tokens (SFT)

6. In addition to Tokens, you will also automatically receive 0.0023 Safex Cash (SFX) for each Safe Exchange Coin you had, as a bonus.

7. Migration wallet (Sails v7) is used just for migration, so make sure to download Orbiter and move your new coins there in order to be able to use the funds.

*Migrations are run in batches, every month, and the migration of your coins will be included in the next batch. Migration dates are announced on the News Page.

52.29% of coins migrated so far.

Date of last migration 8/7/2019

After November 2019, all unmigrated Safe Exchange Coins will cease to exist, and will not be included in the total supply of new Safex Token.

Note: Coin Market Cap has renamed Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) to Safex Token (SFT), and updated other information on May 16, 2019.