Engine for E-Commerce

Easily integrated global payment engine and decentralized database. Adds a privacy layer and security to your web store.

Safex Marketplace

Decentralized marketplace on a privacy blockchain, with 5% revenue shared among Token holders. Sellers get exposure to the network of Safex users.

Privacy Blockchain

The anonymity of both senders and receivers of transactions is ensured through Ring Signatures and One-Time Addresses.

2-Coin System

Safex Cash: Mineable Cryptocurrency used for shopping

Safex Token: Utility Token and SoV used for revenue sharing.


Community Project

The dream of truly open and boarderless peer-to-peer trade led the community to create Safex.

The team made a blockchain using cryptonote technology and incorporated a 2-coin system.

Specially-designed blockchain / cryptocurrencies are easily embedded in any shopping website.

Native marketplace with shared revenue among token holders is kicking off in 2020
CONTRIBUTING TO open source since 2015

Ways to get involved

Want to make money while you sleep?

Safex Token enables you just that

Look for tasks and bug bounties on Safex Github to flex your muscles in C++, JavaScript, or GoLang

Get rewarded for contributing to the safety of the network with your CPU or GPU

Interested in being a Safex Merchant?

Find out about how it all works the blockchain and the advantage to you the seller

Interested in being a Using the Safex Marketplace?

Have a look at all the pre-launch perks the subscription can get you

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