Safex Roadmap

Phase 1 : Blockchain Launch – Completed

+ Safex Token Transactions + Wallet
+ Safex Tokens from Bitcoin Blockchain to Safex Blockchain Bridge
+ Safex Cash Airdrop
+ Safex Cash Proof of Work Mining Start
+ Exchange Listings

Phase 2 : Marketplace Launch – Current

Safex Token Lock-in + Marketplace Rev Share
Accounts (Title Accounts)
Simple Trade Offer

Phase 3 : Community Engagement

Safex Development Community Bounty Platform
Expanded Software Defined Contract Offerings
Continuous E-Commerce and Vendor Merchants On-boarding
Scalability and Speed Blockchain Optimizations

Phase 4 : Community Engagement

Arbiter Network
Advanced Escrow Options
Shipping + Logistics Accounts
Atomic Swaps and Dex Integration for Safex Cash and Safex Token